Linux: Segfault With Tschack

running on linux. 32bit renoise, 64bit system, 32bit stuff lives inside a chroot. linux-, tschack (jack) 0.120.1 (current git version).
tschack is a branch of the jack1 codebase which adds multi-core graph execution and click-free connections. essentially, it is a backport of jack2 features to jack1.

most projects load fine, but there is a particularly complex one that does not. renoise segfaults after the project has loaded, when the status bar reads “Activating the new song…” this happens both with a 64-bit and a 32-bit jackd running.

i ran renoise in gdb and got a backtrace to see if the segv was in tschack or renoise, and it appears to be in renoise itself:

Renoise LOG> Player: Constructing...  
Renoise LOG> Player: Creating the slave threads...  
[New Thread 0xf373db70 (LWP 2033)]  
[New Thread 0xf2f3cb70 (LWP 2034)]  
Renoise LOG> Player: Start running...  
Renoise LOG> GUI: Creating the Document GUI...  
Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.  
[Switching to Thread 0xf4580b70 (LWP 1963)]  
0x08689caf in ?? ()  
(gdb) bt  
#0 0x08689caf in ?? ()  
#1 0x0868db17 in ?? ()  
#2 0x08690bbd in ?? ()  
#3 0x087f9d75 in ?? ()  
#4 0x08800297 in ?? ()  
#5 0xf7306d3d in jack_process_thread_aux (arg=0xb1b7530) at client.c:2222  
#6 0xf7306f04 in jack_client_process_thread (arg=0xb1b7530) at client.c:2280  
#7 0xf730bc97 in jack_thread_proxy (varg=0xb182bf0) at thread.c:127  
#8 0xf7fb0e60 in start_thread () from /lib/  
#9 0xf7c1df9e in clone () from /lib/  

there’s obviously something wrong in tschack because this issue doesn’t happen with vanilla jack 0.118.0.

how should i proceed?