Linux version rewrites .Xdefaults and deletes comments.

I know this isn’t exactly a “bug”, but… I had a nicely formatted and commented .Xdefaults.

Now my .Xdefaults is devoid of comments, and reordered.

I would have much preferred if the necessary additions were appended to the file.

Or at least if there was some kind of notification before this happened.



Are you sure about this? I don’t see renoise touching my .Xdefaults (and it really shouldn’t)…

Yes, I’m sure.

The following lines are added, and all entries are re-sorted.

xrenoise.use_xcursors:	1
xrenoise.display:	:0.0
xrenoise.display_resource:	0x00,0x00,0x23,0xCE,0x46,0x77,0x5E,0xFA
xrenoise.executable_path:	/home/josh/Renoise_3_0_0_Demo_x86_64/renoise

Strange, what linux is that, and most importantly, what WM?

How did you install renoise and how do you start it?

Ultimately, I think we need someone from the dev team to help here.

I never experienced this, renoise doesn’t touch my .Xdefaults