Linux Version

i think that renoise’s XML based configuration architechture actually works very similar to linux and unix configuration schema.

sorry to do two seperate posts:

this is actually a misconception. the reason most linux apps come as source waiting to be compiled is to make them integrate more comfortably in the various different versions of linux which like to stash their libraries in different places, and so that the app can be compiled for different cpu archs.

but there are linux and unix apps that are compiled as “Static binaries”. that is a program that has all of it’s object libraries compiled in. blender is one of these. it’s a single file that you download and run (and it’s a 3d modeling and environment scripting app so it’s no cheesy c++ math program that runs from the console). The drawback is that the program file is a bit larger (eating up more of that precious ram, but this would honestly be an easy fix for the end user compile problems, and the dillema of distributing the source for a closed source app.

besides that you could also make binary packages for Redhat (RPM), Debian and Suse (because i know how much you germans love your suse). so tha if you’re using one of the more poular linux distros you can run a more memory friendly build of renoise, but still run it on Mandrake, BSD or Solaris (??) if you really wanted to.

If it will be done this way it will be like Sk@le tracker. Totally useless.