[Linux] Vsthost

Hi guys,
i have a little problem.
I saw a warpper for windows VST’s under linux -> Video

But everytime i want to load a windows VST via vsthost ,i get the GUI eveything is fine but then

ERROR: Remote VST plugin communication failure  
Remote VST plugin audio thread: returning  

And it exits via Signal 17 ( child process killed)
My winecfg is set on Win 98 (Synth1 was made for win 98 :blink: ) Audio-Driver : Jack

Any suggestion ?

p.s. System is Ubuntu 9.10

This is totally unsupported functionality and because of the nature of the WINE project there is not much anyone can do. It’s totally hit and miss thing – sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Nobody can really tell you the reasons or offer a decent fix.

Try different configurations, different wine versions and different VST plugins. Make sure the WineASIO is installed correctly and functional (by testing it with Reaper for example which is likely to work).

Yes, the VST emulation thingies are totally unusable and will probably never be. If you want VSTs under Linux, native VSTs are the way to go. Renoise supports native Linux VSTs. There are a couple of them – not as many as for windows yet, but some. Google for JUCETICE for a start. I’m developing a subtractive synth, Wolpertinger. And there are lots of LADSPA effect plugins around.

Yeah i know jucetice and i have alot of ladspa on here .
Sadly ZynAddSUbFX VST doesn’t work :(
I’ll try some wine configuring -
But thanks anyway !

I agree.I was the initial tester/use of WineAsio and Reaper on Linux, but I realized this is not the way to have an stable productive music production system. Wine for audio is a misleading trap.

If you want to use Windows VST, go and use Windows or Mac. But on Linux use native VST. I have DiscoveryR33, Aspect and the Highlife Sampler. I only need this 3 and a collection of basic samples and I can do music. And if it is not enough soundlib, I can use the Renoise Linux computer as synced external plugin for Ableton Live on my Mac.

The justice plugins that I tested are very buggy and more a proof of concept then usable software, i hope some more mature will come with your Wolpertinger, jk123.

Wolpertinger runs stable so far on the 1.5 systems I test it on. The more people that test it the better, so do download and check it out, it’s free… And report any bugs, issues, or suggestions.

I’m working on a new release of Wolpertinger and a new VST effect plugin. Both are meant to work with Renoise, as that’s the main audio app I use, and will be released on the tumbetoene blog, so check the RSS/atom feed :wink:

That’s cool. I’m looking forward to using your new synth.

I think for anyone coming from the windows world, it is a bit of a culture shock not to have a zillion plugins to trawl through. I think its too easy to get caught up in plugin acquisition syndrome… a couple of instruments and a good source of samples is all that’s need, really. Hardware people can have a good setup with just 3 instruments. There’s still plenty of hardware around too, a lot can be bought for a reasonable price.

Mind you, having a good choice of plugins would be a good thing! One day I might even have a go at making my own if I get the time! (I write software for a living, so I don’t really want to do that at home too…)