(Linux) Where To Find Instruments/Softsynths?

im looking for nice softsynths to use in renoise under linux, i dont know any. im bored of using samples again and again, id like to find intruments or vst-softsynths but i dont know where to look…if it exists!
thanks a lot!!!

if you are under ubuntu 10.04 type in a terminal:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:falk-t-j/lucid
sudo apt-get update

and you’ll have available most of all the VSTs DSSIs, etc under linux with the synaptic/ubuntu software center programs

instead you’ll have to manually download the VSTs, DSSIs

try to start at http://dssi.sourceforge.net/

as kpanic wrote, you should add KX Studio repository (as long as you using ubuntu).

Then just (after apt-get update) run following commands:

apt-cache search dssi
apt-cache search neko
apt-cache search zynaddsub

Install chosen packages an rerun renoise.

Good luck and write if you need more help :)

And I’ve just started this thread about the rather excellent TAL vst’s Tal Plugins - Native Linux Versions!!

Yeah, it looks really promising - only few hours to check it :)

If you’re not entirely averse to paying for software I can highly recommend both the linux VSTI’s from Loomer: http://www.loomer.co.uk

And Disco DSP as well.

Anyway - paying for software it totally ok.

The funny part is, when you have to pay more for instrument (Loomer/Disco DSP) than for Renoise :walkman:

I actually own DiscoDSP Discovery, Loomer Aspect and Loomer String, but it’s always the Loomer products I go to when I want a sound. In fact I can’t remember the last time I used Discovery for anything. It’s a decent synth, but no longer my VSTI of choice.

I’ve demo’d the loomer synths, and they are really good. I’ll be investing in Aspect very soon. I’ve also heard rumours they’re looking doing a wavetable synth, that should be good! And a big thumbs up to Loomer for supporting linux :)

wow! so many replies in a day ! thanks a lot! i already had a try with zynaddsubfx in the past -despite a powerful capability, it was so ugly and hard to understand i gave up…maybe i should try again. but im gonna start by trying all the above first!

For me, DSSI support is one of the big selling points of version 2.6. As well as the older synths (whysynth is really good, especially when you start to add track DSPs), there’s the calf monosynth and organ plugins (as well as the effects, which I’ve used LADSPA versions in the past).

DSSI support in renoise might encourage more developers who aren’t into VST to create linux synths.

Compared to a couple of years ago I think linux as a music making platform has come along leaps and bounds. Still a long way to go, but at least we don’t have a glut of synthedit freebies to trawl through before finding the good stuff.

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