Liquid Dnb Wobble

Hey guys,
I just got renoise, and I was wondering how do you get a sound sounding like the usual liquid wobbly sound?

Here are some examples: - from 1:10

or here from 1:08

I know how to make a sound wobble already (for example LFO on Cutoff), but not how do make a wobbly sound that is smooth

Here’s a very, very quick example I just made that demonstrates something similar:

I’m not sure what you mean by ‘smooth’ exactly, but perhaps you are approaching things differently. If you automate the filter frequency then you can achieve different results (which are sometimes awesome), but you can also run into weird behaviour when the frequency is sweeping all over the place. In this particular tune, it sounded like the filter frequency remained pretty stable while the volume was automated instead.

It’s also important to note that in many ‘wobble’ sounds, the wobble does not come from the bass itself, but rather from a mid-range sound layered on top. This way you don’t ruin the characteristics of your bass sound, allowing you to get really crazy with the harmonics of some higher frequency sounds instead.

Wow this is pretty nice! Thank you so much for this example, it helped me a lot!

(And by “smooth” I mean a wobble not as harsh like the usual wobble - like here after the drop at 1:06)