List of freeware and commercial Linux VST(i)

(vitaminx) #21

Added Audulus and Acid Box.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

(vitaminx) #22


AddedMonique and B-Step Sequencerof Monoplugs.

Added links to other lists of VST plugins for Linux.

(lilith) #23

Some of my plugins are crashing under Linux (KXStudio 14.04) and renoise. This happens very often when I load a plugin while renoise is running. amsynth for instance crashes quite often while zynaddsubfx and all U-he plugins are working. Crashing means that the sound goes off and the meter on my interface (Zoom R8) goes to the maximum (although the sound is off). After closing renoise the meter goes back to zero and it’s working again after restarting renoise… Not a big issue but I wonder if anyone else is experiencing this.

Ah… and tunefish4 causes a lot of xruns …

(pyc) #24

Are there any nice psytrance/darkpsy presets available for these listed VSTi’s?