Listen Now! Full Album With Renoise!

Listen Now : Synthphony REMIXed! vol.2 with detailed info!

  1. Virtual Server “Why (Would I) [Hajas 2K4 RMX]”
  2. Droom “Blood Culture [Hajas Arena Mix]”
  3. Real Life “Painless [Hajas 5T4T3 RMX]”
  4. Opium “Faked Emotions [Hajas Vladivostok Mix]”
  5. Tristraum “I’m Under No One [Hajas SWOS Mix]”
  6. New Concept “Station Man [Hajas NER Mix]”
  7. Anything Box “Clean [Hajas Hope Mix]”
  8. !Distain “Sex’n’Cross [Hajas Universal Mix]”
  9. Project David “We’ll Go On [Hajas Dark Mix]”
  10. The Dignity of Labour “XRV [Hajas Rio Mix]”
  11. Color Theory presents Depeche Mode “Sweetest Perfection [Hajas Sloth Mix]”
  12. Will Loconto and Steve Paul “The Last Good Day [Hajas Lost Mix]”

go to and enjoy!

cheers from Rio,

Pretty good stuff!! :yeah:

I wonder did you master your tracks by yourself?

these samples aren’t mastered yet… the mastering is in the making right now by a studio. and all my tracks already released was mastered in a professional studio by another.

I don’t have done much to make these samples, I only compress and change the volume in few tracks to make them with a similar volume, which is not perfect. :)

mastering is another kind of art… I prefer focus only my music and let this one to the sound engineers with their $$$expensive$$$ gears… :)

glad that you liked! :)


These samples are not mastered yet?

I thought they are mastred… :) cause the sound “quality” seems to be pretty good…

that’s ok, you aren’t the first to ask about the mastering, but it’s only Renoise… :)

thanks again! hope that you gonna buy the CD later… :)


Hey hajas, how did you cope with the wave-files from the bands that you remixed, did you cut them into pieces before bringing into renoise? If so, what software did you use and how did you do that. Doing this stuff seems always to be pain in the ass to me :lol:

Hello Loolarge,

I received the vocals from the bands/labels, and in some cases few peaces of the song, specially the guitar’s solos per exemple.

I cut the vocals into verses and chorus, to be more easy to work, but I made this with Renoise too. I really don’t used anything more.

All the rest was pure programming, note by note. :)


Ok, the FULL album is available to listen online at

Enjoy! :)