Listened To Paint Recently?

I came across this in a german news magazine site:
program executables interpreted as soundfile… :wacko:

Some parts of paint sound quite nice, actually…

I wonder what Renoise.exe would sound like… ;)

Is this called ultimate geekiness?

Well, then I’d say that from Microsoft’s new album Office 2010 x64 (Remastered) my favorite would be that one called Powerpoint. Wonder if Steve himself produced it. It’s kinda noisy, mix seems to be unbalanced, but the synths are totally awesome :lol:

If you do decide to give this a try, then please remember that your Renoise installation contains your personal license information. Therefore, do not simply convert your Renoise files to a raw sample and post it to the internet, as you could potentially be leaking your personal licensed copy to the world, and this is very, very bad!

If you must do it, then do it with the Renoise demo .exe :)

Just a friendly warning.

Sounds a lot like when you open a NDS or GBA rom as raw audio. Sometimes with those, you’ll actually get the noises and samples used IN the game, just sped up around 4 times.


:blush: ooooops, sorry… didn’t see that…

no worries, just beat you to it :)