Little Game At Renoise

I’m just thinking for a nice clever built-in game at renoise(just like our old Fast Tracker2 nibbles) which you can play while you play or make songs. Which is located at the Disk browser/scope panel. Who’s with Me?

I’d say there are more important areas to work on. But if someone donates sources and it takes 20 minutes to include, why not :)


It’s good for you.

It’s also good for Nexuiz.

It’s also good for Renoise.



Unfortunately, 620-some Mb ain’t that small (and that’s the zip:ed file). :D

oh, the SVN version is even bigger, as it downloads the files uncompressed… but even that is still worth it :D

thankyou for telling me about this game

Prickly_AI you need to just make some more music

Well I’m a 50:50 thinker I make both games and music at the same time. And the most of all, I’m an ambidextrous person you know both left and right handed person.

Having the occasional quick flick of the wrist while working at the computer doesn’t make you ambidextrous…

I’d like to have an amiga 500 emulator inside of renoise so I can play protracker.

I’d like an image/video-viewer, so I can be ambidextrous too :D

But evidently not ambidextrous enough to use the Alt-TAB shortcut to switch to a different application. :rolleyes:

Downloaded the FPS and had a quick play, seemed quite good. My housemate is more an RTS person and you got me to looking for a decent freeware RTS and I came across this, which I’ve enjoyed having a play with last couple of days.

Check the forums. You are going to want to also download GAE, there is a newer version on Sourceforge than their homepage, and maybe a couple of Mods (I’ve only downloaded the MegaPack4 so far) to give you more maps and factions to play with. Seems pretty expansive with a good community…

sIIIIICKKK!!! Do you play Red Alert 3 or Age of Empires 3?

I haven’t really played any RTS seriously since the Amiga days, except the occasional game over a few beers at a mates (or any other type of game for that matter apart from when I lived with a guy who had an XBox360 for a while.) I know my housemate has a fair pile of RTS games from the last few years and 90% sure RA3 is among them though. In fact think that’s the only one I’ve played in the last couple of years apart from finding Glest last week and having a quick couple of games.

dont know why anyone would have a game in renoise :blink:

cant see the point myself.

and beside that

the ONLY game worth playing is

requiem bloodymare


play music, don’t play games!

What about Renoise built-in Guitar hero.

Playing a 4 channel mod and when playing that song you need to press the right buttons when each note is played and you get points for that :D

Otherwise just put some old Amiga arcade game in it or something. like Galaga i dont know :D