Little Girl Singing

if this is for real then im impressed :)

yeah i mean it’s fine i guess, she has a good black woman sounding tone but she needs still to work on her pitch as most kids do.

anyway leann rimes did the same thing 10 years ago singing a patsy cline song when she was 13.

Amazing :)

WTF! :eek:

"yeah i mean it’s fine i guess, she has a good black woman sounding tone but she needs still to work on her pitch as most kids do. "

Perhaps, but COME ON!

Can hardly think many people on earth has ever been able to sing like that at the age of 11!

Its not just about the black sounding tone its about everything, the feeling the expression etc.

If she doesn’t become a drug addict she is a new superstar…


that is beyond amazing… for an 11 yr old … just f****ing mindblowing.

you guys are all age-ist…

just like my friends who are amazed about this 40 year old woman who is good at dance dance revolution

dj io: I see your point, but it’s not the same thing at all. Somebody that young being able to sing at that level means exeptional natural talent.

Although, to your arguments defence, how much better will she become, really? Does having that amazing vocal control at that age mean she’ll become even better when she’s older? Don’t think so, really.

On the other hand… Stfu, she’s eleven years old!!!111oneone :P

what disturbs me is the acting of the jury (I really don’t have to tell you who is sit on the right, have i? :)).

it makes everything so silly and fake… well it’s tipical of TV shows, anyway

i disagree, i think when she practices and hones her natural talent over the next 10 years or so, she will be even wickeder. she’s gonna get recording contracts. 10 years from now, everybody will have heard her #1 hits on the radio. but she’ll be able to sing better then :)

where are the parents? :angry:
that girl should go to school instead of singing there in front of screaming people.

where are the real women? i dont want to be entertained by kids.


no. its besides others an anatomical issue. small larynx, tighter vocal chords and a smaller pharyngeal (throat).
now a young unlearned ppl who starts to sing along with an own evolved technique … thats it. and when they grow it ends, for most youngsters.
more a phenomenon than a miracle. -> imo

That’s Clarice. Talented as well :)

Touching stuff.

yeah, some serious talent here :yeah:

And then there’s this girl, she definitely has something about her

in 5 years time i guess she has the top40 lists…

haha, that was cool :)


Insane :)

you mean: LOLOADIDEE ^^