Little Glitch At The Beginning Of This MIDI file

Renoise plays the attached midi file with a glitch at the very beginning of the music (3rd and 4th track rows, when a rapid interchange of notes takes place). The rest of the music plays nice. Its easier to spot the glitch using piano samples than using standard soundcard wavesynth. I have tested it in Winamp, Sonar and Finale too, where it is played perfectly from the beginning.

*I could not attach the midi file, so heres an external link to it:

This is hard to avoid. How good the MIDI import works, depends on the Pattern Line resolution (Speed) that is used for the import. Try changing the import Speed from 6 to 3 in Renoises Import/Export MIDI preferences pane and it will sound much better.

We could also create a lot more note columns to get the import more detailed, but more note columns at the same speed will result in lost velocity commands (as the note delay/cuts are placed on top of them).

I didn’t understand this. Could you elucidate better?

More notecolumns means that you will have a higher note-integrity and smaller timing steps between notes on the same row. (C-4 01 D1 F2 D-4 D3 F4 F-4 D5 F6 means that C, D and F would be rapidly arpeggiated on the same row without playing at the same time)
But because this is performed by delay commands in the vol/pan column and cut commands in the same columns, this means that the volume for the note gets discarded specially when a note-delay and a note-cut gets applied on the same note.

C-4 01 D2 F4 would wait 1 tick before it starts (being started on tick 2) but only lasts 2 ticks before it ends (being cut on tick 4). If the note would have a velocity or volume of 40, this value gets lost because both effect columns are occupied with an effect.