Little Interface Imporvements: Spectrogram Window

It would be quite handy to have a spectrogram window along with the spectrum.
That would help to detect clicks in looped samples better. Configurable frequency
range in spectrum may be convenient too.

Hand tool scrolling in both pattern and sample view could make life a bit easier.

A vertical axis with dB values in sample view window would help with setting compression levels.

Hand tool scrolling ( horizontal /vertical ) sounds good especially when you have lot of tracks ( you can scroll trough tracks with the ‘tab’ , ‘shift/tab’ also

Yep, I would say that hand scrolling with a third mouse button like in Reaper would be probably on the top of my list.

Although, decibel values in sample view are good too.

Also, is there a way to switch the entire song looping off?

Don’t know what you exactly mean , but you have 3 kinds of looping

  1. click left off selected pattern ( or multiple patterns) in pattern matrix …shows loop symbol
  2. press control …is essentially the same but loops only one pattern
    3.numpad enter ;;;loops selected block in pattern

back to the topic title,

one of the best free plugins ever:

As good as any proprietary spectrograph i’ve ever used

No, I mean like when you play a song, it plays to the end and starts over.

Is there a way to disable it?

This thing seems to be fairly decent, actually, thanks.

Very light on the CPU too.

The pattern command to completely stop playback is F000