Little Lullaby

This one is nicely simplistic.
It isn’t mine, but unfortunately, this song didn’t came with an author tag…

It used to be the lullaby that was playing from the musicbox within my son’s cuddly mouse-toy, but he somehow managed to loose it somewhere…

So i reconstructed it for as far as i could remember it and now… there is an old laptop on his cupboard playing this song to get him asleep.

A few pro’s for the digital edition:
-you don’t need to pull the cord to get it going when the spring is wound off completely
-It doesn’t go slower when the spring looses it’s strength in the end.

You have to turn off the laptop to get the damn sound off :P

Anyway… i was looking for more like this kind of stuff, so please do share if you have some…

Digital Lullaby

I think I’ll link you to a VERY old flash site I did.
It contains my “real” version of a “digital soundbox”… not the one you have to spring up to have it playing… the one you have to manually rotate a device to have it playing according to the speed of rotation.

Enter Here

Click on the eye… and it will load…
Note: I’ve written down the melody but I don’t really know who the author is… I just remember that wonderfull melody in an old Amiga videogame (Wings) but I don’t know if they wrote that or they took it from somewhere else as well…

this is cool man, my 1 year old son has a swing he outgrew that had about 6 songs on it and 2 or 3 of them were really good, i have been wanting to do remixes of them :)