Littlegptracker Psp Port

Its been mumbled about for a long time but a recent burst of interest on the mailing list has lead to a hardware fund being set up to buy Marc (ltgps dev) a psp to port the pig to. He’s keen to do it and the fund is currently half full.

I wont go into it in detail but for anyone who hasn’t heard of it ltgp is an lsdj styled (but sample based) tracker that started life on the open source gamepark handhelds and also runs on windows, linux etc.

The site…

The fundable page……1-06.7772881275

Hell fucking yes :smiley: I’ve been begging the milkytracker devs for a port for a while, with no luck.

I’ll donate something if there is a good chance this will come to fruition.

So if he reaches $400, what is the % chance that it will be ported?

I’m thinking if I make a few posts on PSPupdates or Dcemu, there will be some donations :)

Well I didn’t even have to… Somebody got there first. I just opened up my RSS reader, and blam there is a post about it on pspupdates.…g/49/aid/127814

I think they can expect donations soon though. I hope anyway :D

Yep we’ve been saturation pestering all over the place for a couple of days… but i don’t think it can hurt if forums get follow up posts expressing interest or if music/gaming news sites get emails from a few people as its not quite 3/4 done on the funding yet.

In terms of likelyhood of this all working… Im in no position to judge in a technical sense (though it is a port from one arm9 system to another one) but Marc seems to think its pretty unintimidating and should even be pretty quick to do once he has the hardware. So i cant give a % but id be very surprised it if it didn’t happen at all and even quite surprised if it took all that long. :dribble:

I used to use milky on the gp2x. It felt a bit awkward as they used mouse emulation rather than a trad cursor controlled by the dpad jumping around rows and columns. They got the touchscreen working recently for the f200 but id sold mine at that stage. I don’t like using a stylus any more than i like using a mouse in renoise.


Earning my endless and quite creepy admiration sir. :P

We’re two thirds of the way there.


It sequences, sample based, available for download right now, and it’s for the PSP. I figured someone might be interested…

okay, wtf guys? I didn’t just torture a small animal and post it on youtube. What are you all “dot dot dotty” about? <_<

Just sticking links in threads with no explanation of what point you’re making is a bit anusish. Avoid it by saying “Have you heard of this bit of software? I think its good.”

Psprythm is well known as is pspseq.

I wasn’t aware of any such etiquette, I read much more than I post. I didn’t know PSPSeq and PSPRhythm were well known either.

Not to be an ass, but I was already aware of them and have no interest in those programs because they are not true trackers. You essentially spammed this thread. It’s aight though. :D

ipod touch and then we’re talking

And as if by magic. … n-evening/

first beta version

Ohh that is sweet. I will try it out tonight!

be sure to replace the eboot with this latest version.