Live Jamming In Renoise

Inspired by the thread on how to make Renoise more suited for live-situations I made this video of me jamming in Renoise (how I normally play around with the ideas for my danceproductions). As you can see I’ve assigned the channels 0-9 to key 0-9 - something I can really recommend for live-situations.

Live jamming in Renoise (HQ)

I hope it’s fun to watch. ;)

Edit @ 31 jan 2010: Uploaded a new version with better audio quality, updated the link.

Well done! I’m about to perform live soon and I might take your route for this.

In my current setup I have several sliders on my MIDI controller assigned to channel levels. This works better with long samples as you can pick up from the middle of a note playing whereas your approach would wait for a note. Your way has the advantage of sparing CPU though, and it seems better suited for dance oriented music.

My music is far from danceable for the most part, but I may adopt your approach anyway, and use the MIDI controllers for something more useful.

Thanks for the nice demo. It was indeed fun to watch. Plus, educational. ;)

Nice video, it’s really obvious what is going on.

About the keyboard shortcuts: for laptop guys w/o a proper keyboard, simply use SHIFT+0-9 instead

I want that song :w00t:

And now with Reaper and video stream sync B)

Thanks all. :)

subset: I agree with you on the “long samples”-part, this is also why I retrigger the song-sample on every step (and use sample-offset) to be able to open/close that channel however I like. You’re right in that it will first open when the sample is triggered, but this also makes it sound quantized (which I like).

Now if it was only possible for Renoise to record this Live-stuff, then you’d create a pattern, record the opening/closening of the tracks and you would have the basics for a track.

you should do it with a monome or something with lights to make the “live” aspect more appealing to an audience.

…or just incorporate some dope pyrotechnics…

Well - old topic but with a new twist. I just uploaded a new version with better audio quality to youtube, check out the first post. :)

Nice! Sound quality is great in this one.

I just found an interesting way to step sequence jungle loops using Renoise 2.5 with a monome type controller. I was juggling loops all day and it never went out of time. Thank god Renoise is so stable.

The sound is recording live from Renoise into the screencapture application.

Yeah… sorry this is a total mess. The effects are ridiculous and random.