Live Looper

Hey guys,

I’m wondering how it is possible now with the scripting stuff and the Duplex Tools to realize a live looper such as freewheeling.

It’s probably one of the best tool I’ve used under linux. Basically as looper it allows you to create your midi controller template with a xml file (like Duplex btw), you can also with jack server plug the renoise out into freewheeling and when you trigger a midi CC with your pad or keyboard it begins to record all audio coming from renoise. With jack transport you can synchronize the BPM, you can define how the loops are managed (free, multiple of the BPM), you have a visual indicator of the loop timing, you can overdub, control the volume for each loop etc…

Under windows, Mobius do the same thing, but the user interface, the gui, the core engine are pretty bad in my opinion. The soft is not well reliable.
So, I’m considering maybe to develop a clone of freewheeling for windows. But I start from nothing since I don’t know any programmation language at the exception of things such as Puredata or Max/MSP (the basics in fact). I guess I will probably try to do some crap stuff with Reaktor.

Now I know that the LUA script stuff doesn’t allow to modify the Renoise audio engine.
So what’s the possiblity for a live looper tool at the moment?

  1. Develop a tool only with Renoise?
  2. Develop an external tool with Puredata, MAX/MSP, Reaktor, or any hardcore language able to manage audio… which interacts with Renoise (BPM sync, Duplex,Rewire?)

Another thing is probably all the philosophy of jamming in live with renoise and real time audio loops which must be re-thinked. I don’t know exactly how to do, but that’s probably another discussion.

Any suggestions?

The Recorder

Part of the upcoming Duplex release, works on just about any controller

Hey great news Danoise!
It seems you read in my mind. I’m greatly impatient to test it with the arduinome.

What’s exactly beat sync? It’s a quantization recording or the same thing that a sample sync, which therefore alters the sound?

It’s for matching the speed of the recorded sample to the tempo in Renoise - it also represent a slight improvement on the existing sample-recording beatsync in Renoise: if you record 18 bars using the Recorder, it will actually beatsync to that exact value

Btw: mind reading skillz FTW

Hey, you can try out the Recorder now : Duplex 0.95 pending release. Bring out your guitar/mic/whatever and give it a shot :slight_smile:

Looking at what freewheeling has to offer, we’ve actually got quite a lot of the features covered, just with a different approach. For example, there is no overdubbing recording, but there’s side-by-side recordings into different tracks, which pretty much amounts to the same thing, and then some (as each pattern can become a unique combination of recordings). We haven’t got individual sample volume from within the recorder itself, but combine the recorder with the mixer, and you can control the track volume as well.

It’s a very different approach to a looping recorder, but is it a good approach? And can it be improved?

Great thanks Danoise!
I’m always impressed by your work on Duplex!
As soon I will be familiar with The Recorder + Monome 64, I will give my feedback. Need to plug my mic now, and make random loops.

See u