Live Performance Idea


I had a little thought. If you slowed down renosie to say 1/4 the speed you would normally have a track, then you set up a single pattern (say 32 long) and set this playing over and over. This leaves you able to place notes in the continually-looping space, and mute parts in and out, swap beats in and out, and genrally just have scratchpad to improvise. This would really only work if you can turn off the playing of a note when it is first laid down with a keypress. I have never tried this, but i presume it must be possble.

If you have a midi controller keypoard like me, then you can ride the faders easily, make filter sweeps etc.

You could record your performance using a sound-grabbing plugin, there are a couple out there for free.

Any thoughts on this are welcome. I haven’t tried it, just thought i’d get the idea down here while i had it!

generally when you enter notes into the pattern editor, while it is playing, the entries don’t sound when you press them.

I don’t do live stuff but I have a jamming session most days where I load in a dnb track, set it to loop the most active part then load in different instruments to play on tracks that I’ve muted so I can steal their effects.