Live Performance

I know there are some people besides me who are using or planning to use Renoise in live performances. What features could be implemented to improve it’s live gigging abilities?

IMHO, it would be nice if I could jump to a different position in the pattern sequence without having to scroll through the ones in between. That combined with some simple quantize option would make live arranging of a song a whole lot easier. As well as providing a way to test different arrangements on the fly while composing.

And some expanded loop features for the pattern sequencer would be really great. I’d like to be able to save a few loop presets with a song. Something like…



I could use this feature too, and i think the arranger that is planned will do the trick.

This looks really useful. And doesn’t look at all hard to implement. Kudos to you, dby.

I really like the first draft … if the selected patterns will be played selection row after selection row / from left to right, it would be an interessting enhancement of the arranger and a simple usable. but in this case I would suggest to select a pattern in the arranger in a little saver way (a simple click is to dangerous) to avoid unwanted clicks.

What if you have two different loops starting from the same pattern?

It’s just a replacement idea for using the patternjump and positionjump (<-which Renoise does not have) combination that you could find in every older tracker.
I’ld rather have the extra position-jump command back why:some other module formats could be imported better with that.

i would like to use final scratch as a midi controller with renoise :w00t:

A sort of pattern jump command for live use would be really nice.

I was thinking of some way to define a few starting positions in a song - perhaps a start dot in the loop column - or an effect command for greater detail? And you could jump to a starting position by pressing a button - on the keyboard or on a midi interface - with a few quantize options of course.

A special control panel page for stuff like this - like laurencedavies suggests
here - would be really useful for us who like to bring renoise into the spotlight.

Kids seeing artists using renoise ( :eek: ) might be really good advertizing. ;)

so any news on this??

Actually, I just saw an article in the New York Times about this very issue yesterday.