Live piano improvisation

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I really like this song. I am no expert here, but i listened to lot of piano concerts in my childhood, involuntary :slight_smile:

This one seems to me a really nice combination of a classical one with lot of modern chords, surprisingly, and nice surprises in tempo. Sometimes the tempo could be maybe tighter, couldn’t it? I mean at least one passage where it’s faster and more constant. Otherwise you are getting used to the slowdowns and it only because of this starts to bore a bit… Sometimes some Chopin inside?

Please more!

Although I have practiced and tried to learn music theory and play and create beautiful music…

My next topic should be named “free beer for the half price” in order to get at least some attention I’m afraid.

So, I am in the meanwhile playing piano voluntarily to get many unvoluntary listeners many times,

Hello I am EatMe. I am a power plant. I need some.

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Edit: nevermind, I deleted my comment and voting.

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What actually do you mean with “like”?

Is that when you are full of juice, but you decide to have more juice, because you like juice?

Or that you say to a girl that you like her new pants around the bottom only because it’s not working otherwise?

I am going to like one of my songs. With the fullest intention.

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Beautiful work. Sounds like autumn, which reminds me of a rainy day. Drops are flowing down the window, but then for a minute the sun shows in the sky.

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Yeah, dig this one. I think, in terms of tightness with timing, I’m actually ok with it. I think professional musicians call that rubato, yeah? Even if unintentional, you should TOTALLY call it that :slight_smile:

Always like things like this - stripped down to their essence, not too formal - sometimes it’s too easy to rely on quanitzation/digital trickers - this sort of piece maintains immediacy/humanity. Nice

PS: Also, as always, like that redpanda13 takes the time to write such creative responses/reflections on songs - that’s an art in and of itself!