Live Playback (real-time Pattern Juggling)

PLEASE NOTE: Yes, I do know Abelton Live will do this. It’s also somewhat expensive compared to Renoise, so if I can do this in Renoise I would rather.

What I want to do is have a song loaded and playing, say some background drum and/or bass guitar, and be playing live piano along with it. During playback, I want to be able to switch patterns in realtime. Example: One pattern has verse 1, one has chorus, verse 2, etc. If the song has already passed verse 2 and I want to do verse 2 again, I can switch to that pattern mid-stream.

I have Reaper (yes, I paid for it… yes, I’m too honest for my own good) and I could set loops and jump-to flags, but when I do it cuts off the sound which is currently playing rather abruptly. I exported a song as MIDI, loaded the MIDI in Renoise and I noticed that when the song is playing you can grab the scrollbar in the pattern window (far left) and scroll up and down, and the sound that was playing right before you started scrolling does not stop abruptly. What I want to know is, is there a way to (A) set up MIDI CC commands to jump to a certain pattern, or ( B) set Renoise somehow so that hitting up/down arrows on the computer’s keypad will jump up and down the pattern list?

Also, yes I know I would have to use ASIO to play live instrument. If I can switch patterns during playback without using the mouse to scroll up and down I’ll pay for it gladly.

If I get it right, you want to be able to switch from one pattern to another by a single keypress (keys of your computer, or from a midi controler)

Right now, there is almost everything necessary to do that : you can put your playback to “loop mode”, which will stay on the same pattern. then if you click on the “play” button near a pattern, you will switch to it at the end of the current pattern.

Unfortunately, I don’t think it is possible to bind a key to a pattern, which is a pity. But I’m sure we will see something like that in the next release ! (well I really hope so)

I conclude by saying : +1

Not possible? NOOOOOOOO!

Renoise plays just exactly the way I want when switching patterns on the fly! Surely there has to be SOME way to jump-to a pattern on command.

If you put focus on the sequence editor (LAlt + Click) then the up/down arrows move you through the pattern list and left/right changed the number of the currently selected pattern. As far as I know there is no way to jump to an arbitrary pattern though…

EDIT: I have just added Shift + NumPad +/- as Global Next/Previous pattern to avoid the need to focus the area. Something similar could work for you…