Live Recording Tips

So I’m about to get a decent audio interface at LONG LAST.
Looking forward to singing a little and jamming on bass, guitar etc…
This is a request for any tips or tricks you feel like sharing that relate to recording audio live, straight into renoise.
Please share! :walkman:

depends on what you wanna do , i f you just want to jam along with your renoise sessions you can just put your sound card ‘on direct monitoring’ mode , means no latency .
If you want to jam and monitor trough renoise +applying realtime renoise dsp on your input , select line in device and adjust appropriate track delay values .( if needed )

I guess direct monitoring is what I’ll be doing… not the fastest computer
I seem to remember there being a punch in punch out lua tool someone was talking about…?
Do you find it easier to record over multiple patterns? Thinking I’d like to do some manipulation of the samples afterwards.