Live Remixing

Kinda what I’d like to do, but with a very different setup and sound (wishing for more midi and song position control in Renoise):…related&search=

More MIDI? One could suggest to create different configuration settings (using different midi devices in the MIDI config menu) and that Renoise could be started using a reference to the config file as parameter (c:\program files\Renoise 1.5\Renoise.exe /config Midi2.xml).

I guess that’s a good workaround for the limit of two slots if I get a third MIDI device, but it’s not what I meant. Well I’m actually thinking about some pads beside my keyboard and my 64-knob controller, so another MIDI-in slot would be nice.

I would like to be able to map MIDI-knobs/pads etc to more functions other than DSP sliders. Controlling the loop points of an instrument is one old example… muting tracks, adjusting BPM… and there are a lot of buttons in the DSP chain I might want to map to a MIDI device or automate. But mostly I lack some song position control… but maybe that will get better with the arranger?

I would really like to use Renoise in live improvisation sets, but now I’m looking at Ableton Live for that.

Anyone seen any other live remix/electronic improvisation videos? It’s interesting to see how other people do it.

Yeah nice live remixing, thanx for the link!
BTW: did you saw this man: Kid Beyond ?…ch=kid%20beyond

this guy is crazy creates toltal songs with his mouth. No sound effects its all him. he can create drum solos, trumpets, basses, scratches, beatboxing anything!

WOW :o he did a sweet job of cutting mobb deeps “shook one’s prt 2” accapellas into that- I would never have thought of mashing those two tracks together :blink:

Damn Sam!!!- sick on the U2 track also! That was a great build up and beat drop… I love this cause every performance I go to for electronic music is just some dude sitting there jacking off at his latop- might as well just press play and walk away and have a beer… This def raises the bar for me in terms of performance.

Yeah, I know! :)
That’s why I go on and on about implementing this and that to make Renoise more equipped for live performance.

There seems to be a small movement that wants to move beyond these boring laptop gigs. I’m seriously considering buying a Monome interface, even though it’s gonna be freakishly expensive if it gets stuck in customs, which it probably will (there are five videos on that frontpage that demostrates what it can do).

I also found this guy who has built his own interface which seem to work almost the same way:
…dunno if he’s seen Daedelus box or not.

That Kid Beyond was cool. In the video below he explains his setup a bit more. He uses Ableton Live and some program he calls MIDI Translator or something like that. I gotto check that out. Apparently translates midi data into user defined sequences of keystrokes or midi messages. Seems really useful in a live set.
Found it:

go and check this :…=jamie%20lidell

jamie lidell, this is pure madness.

yeah seen Lidel live, t’was a cool show. Loved the way he used mic feedback into his live thing.

btw Razhel pwns that Kid Beyond guy on every level :)

ah yeah rahzel is Solid!

this is SC3

it is the begining of a Bridge, from tracking to livecoding.
(it was my idea but, the credit is mainly due to an artist only known as Robo Creeler ) :)

That kid beyond dude has the BIGGEST chin I have ever seen on a human being in my life. It takes up half of his head- how the hell can he beatbox so fast with such a heavy piece of equipment hanging off of his dome? Ok- I’ll shut up now- sorry to anybody with a big ass chin like him.…ted&search=

  • not the most interesting performance, but it sure beats some dude checking his mail on a laptop.