Live tap tempo


Does anyone know if its possible somehow to have a live tap tempo going in renoise, i.e. i trigger a sample and keep tapping on a midi foot pedal to keep it in time with our drummer.

i know ableton is able to do this (though not very well as it only updates every 4 beats and screws with the sample) but there is something someone has coded with Max which works better.

i dont really want to have to use Ableton for this, and just wondered whether anyone could help me out?


Tap Tempo is included among the shortcuts and midi binds I’ve put in this tool:

There is a dedicated tap tempo tool as well, think you can find it on the main tools page. Mine will take the average over the last four hit (three intervals.) I don’t know how the other one works.

It also has nudge forwards and back, if you seem to be slipping out of time a little.

thanks for your reply.

any advice on getting renoise to NOT pitch shift my sample once the new tempo is being entered?

Renoise has no timestretch. I don’t think any of the tools (Rubberband and Akaizer) are realtime. Afraid you might be out of luck. Unless you were to program them into patterns as slices hits, then you could change the tempo of the playing patterns and each slice/sample would play at the original pitch (you would lose tails or gain bits of silence due to difference in tempo as it does not stretching though. A bit of reverb can help to hide silent gaps.) There is a tool which will put all slices precisely where they should be in the pattern, which might help you if you wanted to keep a groove from them.

thanks man, will give the slicing a try :)