Live Vocoding

has someone out there practice with live vocoding in renoise. Can someone explain, how to configure " live vocoding ".
I want to use “vocovoc”, a free vsti.

realtime vocoding… not an easy task to do in renoise, due to two circumstances:

  1. most vocoders require to receive midi note data in order to (chord-)trigger them. this is currently not possible with renoise.
  2. most vocoders generate a latency which is not compensated by renoise, since there is no support for plugin delay compensation as yet.

vocov knows to circumvent issue no.1 of my above list but unfortunately suffers from no.2. you can use this plugin in order to workaround the lack of PDC.

how to properly setup vocov:

  1. load the sample you want to vocode into an renoise instrument slot.
  2. trigger the sample on track01
  3. load vocovcapture VSTfx on track01, do not change anything.
  4. load vocov VSTi into another renoise instrument slot
    4.1 open the vocov VSTi GUI, in the “modulator” section, check “from Capture”
  5. move over to track02 and enter some chords (preferably) with the instrument which holds the vocov VSTi.
  6. hit play - you should hear the vocoded audio.

note: every track other than no. 01 & 02, have to be sent to a send channel where you’ve manually set up the “voxengo latency delay” vst plugin in order the get things back in sync.
by doing that you will lose the actual workflow and functionality of the send channels tho.

so well, it works, but don’t expect miracles.
i recommend to vocode your stuff offline and render it to sample for using it with renoise without any hassle.
but it goes without saying that you will lose flexibility then…
guess we just have to wait until at least PDC is introduced in a future version of renoise.

You can also try senderella if you also want to record the input and output…since the line-in device is being shut down on the track itself when attempting to record.

I have the least latencies with MDA’s talkbox for vocoding (which is a VST that you can combine with any VSTI or sample you like, which is also free btw) and i can do lots of nice miracles with it.
The only thing to do here is pan your VSTI track completely to the right and your vocoding track completely to the left, then send these tracks to a send-track and place your vocoder plug there.
It is a better method than using a VSTI with vocoding option and you won’t have much latency issues.

mda talkbox is the shiznit! Thnx for the heads up on that one, never used it in Renoise, and sounds great!

you can try this…l&refno=31/

and this

it called D.C. Vocoder

these two are my favs.

p.s. also you can try Native Instruments Vokator or Spectral Delay plugs.
all of them works fine in RNS 1.8

How does that work with orange vocoder & the akai vocoder without being able to route midi to the vst fx in renoise??

does latency compensation works with realtime working?
i think NOT, its real time and buffer must be…
I use ansambe maiking vst for real time singing, and voc to sinth
some time ago i use asio box standalone and cubase
now with renoise i can conect guitars nad vokal to one effect box
its GREAT thanks renoise team

of course it does. that’s what PDC is all about: compensating the delay in realtime.

sure, it “works”. but you can’t send midi notes to the plugin, which makes changing chords throughout the arrangement an impossible task.

describe how compensation works.
in my opinion its strat time corection of already recorded instrument.

are yuo talking about already recorded stuf or
live performed stuf?
if its about live performing i thing compensation doesint work
if buffer 2 mls no compensation can help becouse buffer first must be filled of data and then played,
or i something dont understand

OT but maybe you get an idea:

a small but good explaination by dblue:…ost&p=88632…y-compensation/

thanks every thing as i thought
compensation is available and AJUSTABLE only then recording is done
in live performance, than yuo are singin in yuo band concert no compensation could be ajusted