Live With Renoise


I’m french and my english is so bad…i hope that you understand my request !

Ok, i use renoise and i want to make a live with it. How ca i do?
I want exactly : Download several song and play after the other, continuously.
Thank for your next answer !

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Download several songs, convert them to wave, burn them on CD, buy two Pioneer MK100-CDPlayers and you’re done :)

Dlagon, renoise is simply not designed to do what you want.

There is a free VSTi-Plugin that does MP3 mixing though, it’s XTal .
It is in Beta and not very stable to me. A very nice idea though, but you should also have some sort of midi device to control it.

Otherwise you probably want to check out programs like Traktor, MixVibes, BPMStudio, DjDecks (30Eur.) or MixMeister for mixing music continously.


I joined a band recently as the lead singer. They have a lot of effects patches for their guitars and bass that have midi inputs that I could use Renoise to control, and there may be some keyboardy and/or sampled parts we may put into the performance. I can see where being able to load a playlist of songs, or how having several songs loaded into memory would definately be beneficial.