Liveslice Vsti Not Working Properly

For some reason when “trigger with host” is selected in Liveslice, it doesn’t trigger until a note is received thru Renoise. The function works fine in Live 8.2.2 And Bidule 0.971. I thought maybe it was a 2.7 beta bug, but then rechecked it with 2.6. Dunno if Renoise isn’t sending something or Liveslice is just jenk. I guess I never noticed it before because I generally press a note to audition before I press play. A bunch of other triggering stuff doesn’t work right either

Disabling the auto-suspend option should do the trick:
Watch out for a small “?” button in Renoises GUI for the plugin, then disable the “auto suspend” option there. We’ll make this the default for the plugin in upcoming Renoise releases.

yep. good. :D