Livid Block - Different Versions

Hi all,

Is there a list of all the various releases + specs of Livid’s Block?

I’m trying to work out if the model below has expansion ports and where it fits in the Block family tree. I thought there was 1 version, shows what I know :)


Looks pretty much identical to any I’ve ever seen; they come in different colours, but as far as I can tell that’s the only variation there is…

The website says:

“Block controllers now come with our expansion module for added adaptability, flexibility and control.”

My emphasis.

This indicated they haven’t always had the connections to me (but I could well be wrong.) The panel fronts haven’t changed and how they look has always been customisable when you order so you are never going to be able to tell from the front panel. Only way to know will be a photo of the rear of the unit.

Thanks - I guess the custom builds muddy the water, there seem to be a few special editions. I’d heard there was a release with 5-pin DIN as well as MIDI over USB, and design wise there was the first one with the 5 screws near the matrix but they stuck out, the design with no visible screws (above) and the design with 4 screws in each corner (current design I think).


Looking on Google seems you’re right.

There is at least one where you can see wood on all four edges (and a screw in each corner), and one like above where you only have wood down the sides.

Al the current photos on their site only have wood on the edges, pointing to that being the more recent one, and hopefully the one with the expansion ports.

But again I am only guessing and you are best contacting them or trying to get a photo of the rear of the unit in question.

Good plan. I’m on the case - Livid Forum Thread on Block versions

I’ve actually won the unit on eBay but I put my hand up to not doing the research first (I assumed there was 1 version and bagged this at what I think is a good price, £150)…that said the seller has gone very quiet and I’ve no tracking number yet, but fingers crossed it’s only been a few days (bites nails).



Just to let you know I’ve got the Block here - the bad news, not new enough to have the expansion, but the good news, it has USB and 5-PIN MIDI IN/OUT. There’s no Duplex map for Block (yet?) so I’ve been dabbling with standard MIDI mapping, works well so far.


Oh well, still think you got yourself a bargain though :)