Load Fxb And Fxb From The Disk Browser

Could we get the *.FXB and *.FXP files to load from the disk browser? there is even space for it under ‘theme’ then we could have the folder macros
and not have the faffing around looking preset folders after every operation that uses the file dialog.

were you saving that spot for something else?

either that or someway to register a FXB / FXP with a VST so that faster sound auditioning can be done w/ VST(s)

anyhoo, love renoise im never going back to buzz

Should be FXB and FXP in the thread name

Yay, This in the 2.8 beta!

  • Memorize last used bank/preset paths per plug-in

it will probably do for me, thank you! ^ ___ ^

This should already be supported, have you tested this out? If it doesn’t work, then report it as a bug (for which plugin doesn’t it work and is the plug 64-bit or 32-bit etc.).

He’s actually quoting the 2.8 release notes, not making another feature request.