Load These

it would be nice to have this:

I don’t understand your request. The Load File(s) will already load more than one file if you have multiple selected (that’s why it has a bracket (s) at the end.) So it is a Load These.

This doesn’t work with xrns though. Are you requesting a feature where this would open up X amount instances of Renoise, one per Song selected? If so I can see that as being useful, especially to people using the program live in a way similar to Hitori Tori. If you mean something else please explain.

How the XRNX-SF project has the join option, similar to that. like ===>“Load these together.”

See if I select 2 files in the disc op and hit Load File(s) it will say can’t load multiple songs.
So I understand the reasoning for having “Load File(s)” is for samples, instruments and such.

There is very helpful stuff in that XRNX-SF project that really should finally make it’s way into renoise.
At the moment it’s being kept and resolved through a 3rd party ConnerBW & maybe Beatslaughter?

From what I know the stuff in XRNX-SF can’t completely be ported to the lua script,
some can but as long as XRNX-SF exists there will continue to be a fragmentation.

Basically every version increase someone will have to ask to update it with the differences resident to the version increase.