Load vst instruments new place.

I had that thought in older version too, but now it makes even more sense with new panel. Now this whole right panel is about resources, songs/samples/instruments/etc. so my idea is basicly loading vst instruments should be in same place, next to each other.
UPDATE: I though some more about this and updated idea with mockup.

So Vst instruments would be visible when “instrument” tab is selected.

ps2. It’s not important at all but i think it would be more ergonomic for new users.
ps3. old place could stay also i think.

This makes sense,

and if you use the browser in split mode you could even have VSTs listed in the top panel and presets (fxp) listed in the panel below. You could then load a Vsti with a particular preset by clicking it.

Getting more advanced you could pool and mange third party fxbs here aswell.


Also Internal effects and VST/AU effects would be nice in the same panel, the idea is to have all browsable data in the same location. For implement this i think we need “Effects” tab next to “Instr.” tab. All major DAW’s are doing it and Studio One is the perfect example of proper browser.