Loading In Complete Sample Folder.


I wat just trying to load the complete samplepack for the DDRC by selecting>dragging>dropping but I noticed only the .xrni’s can be loaded with more than one at a time.
If I select multiple .wavs for instance only one sample will be loaded, if I try to load another one I have to select an empty instrument slot first to prevent overwriting, this is kind of tedious.
One other thing, the .xrni’s cán be loaded from a zip but .wavs cannot.


Hm, can’t replicate, it works fine for me with multiple selected wavs (DDRC29 :) ), each one inserting a new slot with a new instrument with the sample. :huh:

Edit: Oh wait, do you try to drag&drop the folder?
No, I guess you don’t try this, or at least for me folders aren’t dragable at all.

I didn’t try to drag the entire folder but just to select everyting in it and drag it to the instrument slots.
The .xrni’s will all load fine but the .wavs won’t.

The reason I’d like this as a ‘feature/fix’ is because I have my ‘instruments’ and ‘samples’ locations set to my real sample folders. I don’t like it if I have to navigate to my downloads folder thru renoise so I can load a few samples I’ll never use again after I loaded them just so I have to navigate back to my native samples folder afterwards. :)

This works fine for me.

I have the Disk Op set to Samples.
I highlight all wavs and all xrni.
Drag them to the Instrument Window.
All wavs and all xrni load with no problem.

Same on both 2.7.2 and 2.8b3. Win32 version in both cases.

This should be possible, hold shift or control/command key to do range or selective multi-selection in the diskbrowser then drag that selection to the sample-list in the instrument where you want to have those. (If you drag samples to the instrument list, an instrument for each sample is created, depends on whether you want that or not)

I mean outside Renoise. Just drag it out of a folder in Windows to the instrument slots.

Ahh not from the Disk Op.

Just checked and still all works fine here in both Win32 2.7.2 and Win32 2.8b4.

That is extremely weird.

You are highlighting all the files, not dragging and dropping the folder itself? Into the top right Instrument Box, not the Sample on (although as you said xrni load and not samples it would be VERY strange if it was the other way around.) Or are you just dropping them onto the main window?

Yesh, I highlight, say 6 .wavs and drag them to the instrument box (upper right corner) in Renoise. Only one of the samples is loaded into the selected instrumentsl-
Ah, while typing this I thought to myself all the samples just could be loaded into one instrumentslot, and they did. I don’t like that :lol:

edit / preferences / files / wav import /

Check or uncheck: ‘Create multi-sample instruments’ and try again!

You drop the files on Renoise, not on a specific area. I think the multi-selected files could perhaps be fixed but it will probably result in the files always being loaded into the sample slots of the selected instrument or always loaded as multiple instruments.
I think for this to work on specific areas, the areas should be made undockable and have their own respective windownumbers.