Loading Mod Files Into Renoise

ok… i understand renoise is able to load mod files, and this is something i’d really like to get into, cos i’ve got hundreds of tracks that i did with octamed on the amiga many moons ago, and i’d love to be able to re-work them with renoise…

my problem is: how do you transfer the mod files from amiga floppy disks to pc?

i’ve been looking into amiga emulation for the past 5 or 6 hours and my head is totally battered with it… after all that, i still don’t know if that’s what i need… it seems there is no method for directly reading amiga formatted disks on a pc… so as far as i can make out, i’d need to convert the disk with the mod files on them into ADFs… and then renoise will be able to read from them, yes?

does anyone know how to pull this off?


If you have an original Amiga, try using a null-modem cable and transfer through this method.
In most of these occasions the “chicken and egg” story applies if you don’t have terminal software on your amiga or on an amiga floppy;
You can download it from the net ofcourse (in ADF format), but how do i get my com-software on my amiga if i need it for the transfer in the first place.

Then there is this DOS solution to transfer Amigadisk contents to a PC disk using a PC diskdrive, but the way this software functions is pretty dubious.
If i understood correctly, the trial allows you to dump your amiga floppy contents to ADF files. Without creating preformatted FDI images… i don’t know what importance are they, but the ADF files you can load in an emulator or use a tool on PC that extracts the contents from it.

Here’s the ADF utility:
Remember that you need pure DOS for that.
I can’t guarantee it will work in DOSBox.

yeah, i’ve still got my old amiga… i’ll try that…



AmigaOS 2+ can read PC disks with the right drivers, so one alternative is to transfer that way, if you don’t get the ADF tool to work.

When I still had my amiga up’n’running I used a parallel cable and pc2am to transfer stuff. That’s also possible.


Nothing beats having your AMiGA on LAN with a WiFi adapter. ;)

when I switched from Amiga Startrekker to PC FastTracker 1 on 1994, I used to save the modules and samples on PC-formatted diskettes which where readable with a simple program by Amiga floppy drives. I can’t remember the name of the application, but you should be able to find something like that

PC drives can be mounted without using any application. With 1.3 and below however I think a program like this has to be used.

Wow FT 1… that was a most utterly crap tracker on PC…
But i found startrekker on Amiga also utterly crap.
I used Oktalyser for 8-track songs, which was a bit more stabile.
But i compared one of the first startrekker editions from below 1994.
It could do 4 tracks without a problem but when expanding to 8 the problems and crap sounding squeeks started from there.

There was a trick with Oktalyser that you could hold the bit-rate of your samples to 7-bit by only using 7 tracks instead of 8, but with startrekker this trick was worth less than shit.

my problem was that were I live that was the best available around, and the Internet was yet to come

Miles ahead of Whacker Tracker where cut/copy/paste shortcuts didn’t work and which I was forced to use when the “1992” signed version of Ft1 refused to run on my brand spanking new 486dx2/66. Luckily it didn’t take long before I got the “1992-93” version which worked great.

So you weren’t that fortunate to have bluebeep to phreak and internet for free in the states back then?
That was my method, sure we didn’t had internet in the Netherlands either (At least Xs4all just started), but we just used bluebeep and phreaked over Malasia (used a toll-free number to dial the collect-call center in MAliasia and then hacked their system using bluebeep) to dialup squeeky.org which was a US provider that provided free internet accounts.