Loading More Than One Midi File In A Single Song

Hey, say you are using NI Battery, recycle and renoise. So you get a nice few loops, load them into recycle and chop em up, export each beat into slices in a nice folder along with the midi files to contro each of these. Then you load NI Battery and insert the 3 beats. Next in a normal sequencer such as cakewalk sonar or cubase you load the 3 midi files into seperate tracks and hey presto, you have your 3 beats in 3 instances of battery all controlled within the sequencer so you can properly layer your beats.

Well the above scenario doesnt seem possible in renoise as when you try to insert a second midi file to control the second instance of Ni battery it thinks your loading another song. So you can only ever have one .mid file in a song.

Is it possible to insert a midi track just like in other sequencers?