Loading Multiple Songs In One Renoise App Instance.

Is itll be possible to load 10 (for example) songs at once? It must look like the "tabs" in web browser for example. Or may be itll possible to do this in 2.6 version with it`s magical scripting capabilities?

No, scripting capabilities will not give you much possibilities with this. Also the use of this functionality is very limited as Renoise is still only a 32-bit app, you will run out of memory resource very quick after having loaded 2 or even 3 songs. I doubt loading 10 songs will ever be seriously feasable.
Ofcourse very tiny songs and you can load ten, but for the average production use that Renoise is designed for, i would not give this idea too high credits.

Why would it be so impossible vV? I can have multiple tabs of reasonably big files inside Photoshop. So I guess… no?

Very low on the to-do list… you can have two Renoises running side by side already, which is almost the same. But sure, yeah, tabs would be the easier way for changing between songs. This would also affect the songformat, as no doubt people would want to save all songs as one file. Subssongs are so 80s :wink:

I don’t say it is impossible to have 2 or 3 songs. I doubt you really want to have ten songs because i sense that a full blown arranger is really more in place here than being able to load a whole bunch of songs.