Loading Samples Problem on Mac OS X High Sierra


After upgrading to Mac OS X High Sierra I’m experiencing the problem loading some samples.

Please see screens attached.

I think it is something related to a app permissions.

Please Advise.

I would assume that you should disable macOS System Integrity Protection:http://osxdaily.com/2015/10/05/disable-rootless-system-integrity-protection-mac-os-x/

Strange, the var/ folder should not be affected by this change in OSX.

Perhaps those folders got tighter permissions as well, as part of the upgrade?

Ok, I’ve found the solution for that. For some reason High Sierra doesn’t like the samples names with specific characters like rectangle (see no[]header)

I have opened this track in the virtual Mountain Lion OS, renamed instruments, samples and re–import them.

Now everything works as it should.

Quite complex solution, but… in the absence of the cooky, we’re “having” a cook.

That’s interesting. Do you have a SSD which was converted to APFS during High Sierra installation? Since APFS seems to use some weird non UTF8 character encoding (I thought UTF8 would last till end of the days).