Loading Vst On Top Of Samples

This isn’t just specific to the 1.5 releases but its another ‘feature / bug?’ in the instrument list it is possible to load a VST on top of a sample and they will play simultaneously. Is there a point to this or should it be overwritten? The problem with this is that if you accidently layer a sample on top of a VST you can`t delete just that sample. You can of course reduce its volume to 0 in the sample properties but if it is along sample it can be eating ram this way.

Another point of this bug:

load sample in slot
load VST on top
GO to VST Instrument list, choose None
Sample is left with the name of VST

Renoise 1.5a-5 Aug 2004-1

Right click and ‘Delete Instrument’
Or Right click on sample - ‘Delete sample’
Or goto sample editor, mark all and cut (the old way).

Right click and ‘Delete Instrument’

This deletes the whole instrument both VST and sample which I wasn`t having trouble with but cheers anyway. The problem is renoise not differentiating between the sample and the VST

Or Right click on sample - ‘Delete sample’

If you load a VST then a sample on top then you delete sample the VST is left but it is now marked wrongly with the name of the sample you just deleted. This seems like a bug to me.

Or goto sample editor, mark all and cut (the old way).

Didn`t think of this thanks. I still find this quite a workaround for what seems to be a bug, unless anyone can tell me the point of this double use for a single instrument slot?

Edit: P.S. I thought I posted this in 1.5 bug reports and unless it has been moved already out by a mod could someone move it there, (may have been my mistake to post it in the wrong forum here) thanks.

hey! sometimes it is really nice to be able to layer sample with vsti quick in this way… its not a bug!! :)

Nope it’s an excellent feature. Even having several VSTi’s and/or samples on top of eachother, or an automatable ‘link selected instruments to instrument #’ would be an excellent feature. ;)

Your suggestion would make sense as a fully functional feature but as it stands with the name changes it is a buggy feature :)

yeah, the namechange-thing is a bit annoying… but i dont care too much about it :)