Loading Xrni From Tunes

I post this in here because I don’t really know if it suits the 2.7 discussion subforum.

Is it possible to load an xrni from an unloaded song without having previously saved the xrni?

If I go into the xrni radio of the disc op, and I go into a song file, it’s only samples, no xrni.

Could the xrni radio option tell the disc op to look at the song for the instruments data, and combine it into showing the xrni instruments that are actually in the song?

er, I mean I post this in here because if it’s possible already some how,
I don’t want keep looking like a goof for posting about similar features we already have.

No that’s currently not possible, but a good suggestion though.+bump.

If not currently possible definite +1 and suggest moving to 2.7 Suggestions as would hope not a massive amount of work (Sample import is already there after all.)

But then again, if we say that why not DSP chains? Both have to delve into the .xml data… Already realising it is a little more work than the samples list but hopefulyl not too much ;)

DSP chains would be dope as well, I def +1 that, it’s just that would require showing track definitions I guess instead maybe.
I’m not sure what goes into doing something like this, I would think the logic could already be there for doing XRNI, not so sure about DSP chains, since the disc op can handle DSP chains my best guess is that it is there just not track separation.

OK I’ve just checked by unzipping a Demo Song and a packaged Instrument.

Within Songs the Instruments are not kept as they are as an .xrni. As in there is no data outside of the song.xml to give you information about keyzones, envelopes etc etc.

Therefore both Instruments and DSP Chains would have to read the relevant information from the song.xml file and this both should be about as easy as each other to implement.

+1 to both from me. Although I would expect a fair pause when clicking to expand the song to gain access to the internals from the Disk Op I think this is something that people could live it, as it would only go to do it once you click on the + expand button, not on reading the files in the folder.