loads of melodic and beat examples.

I think renoise needs lots and lots of tutorials with different types of chiptune style melodies. Also lots of variances of different types of beats and rythms such as hiphop, trance, drum n bass, reggea, rock, samba etc and so forth. This would help people like me who are not dumb but cannot always remember things. Fruityloops, logic, garage band etc have lots of midi data as examples. I think this would greatly improve my workflow and more direct recognition of melody and beat work. Also it may pursuade me from never needing a piano roll. Thanks.

In the song forum you’ll often find .xrns. There is no better way of showing how a device works. Moreover you can ask questions in the appropriate sub forum. The greatest aha-effect in my experience is reached, if you find out things for yourself (and asking a lot) and develop a “unique” production style. Videos are sometimes just distracting me from getting the tune done.

Yeah I know all about devices. Not everyones minds work in the same way or have as much time to work things out though.

Maybe not everyone wants to be unique also.