Location of Crash back up files. (please help)

Last night a vst crashed. I had some warning telling me to save my renoise session under a different name but my computer froze and I didn’t get a chance to. I wasn’t to worried about it because I had saved the session many times quite recently. But this morning when I opened the renoise file the only progress is what was there the first time I saved! I remember one time I found a folder that had automatic saves of my renoise files. I can’t seem to find this folder now.

I searched google to see if someone else had asked this question and it said to go to “help” then “show preference folder”. No luck though. Please help!

Edit -> Preferences -> Plug/Misc -> Backup might show you the right place. Good luck!

If a crash backup could be saved, it will be in your “CrashBackups” folder which you can find via: Help > Show the Preferences Folder

If you don’t see anything in that location, then unfortunately Renoise may not have been able to successfully save a crash backup.

If you have automatic song backups enabled, they will be saved in the location defined in your settings: Preferences > Plug/Misc > Backup

Ok im stupid and didnt have back ups enabled. NOO! But im still confused why when I opened my renoise file it went back to the first time i saved. I successfully saved many times! Any advice?