Lock Keyboard Focus To Pattern Editor

now that i can use the wonderful new detachable mixer window on my second monitor, i move across there a lot to change parameters, which brings the keyboard focus to that the mixer window, which i don’t want.

it’d be great if i could keep the focus locked to my pattern editor instead.

it’s pretty jarring to press a key and expect results in the pattern window, only to have the mixer window be affected instead.


Yes, this really makes no sense. There should be a command. It should probably be implemented with [SHIFT ESC], with a loop between the mixer, pattern editor and matrix.

I think this has been a last minute oversight. The API also does not meet this need. It is practically impossible to focus all the frames from the API. The API needs a review too with the subject of focus…

It is not even possible to create a simple keybinding tool.

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I’m facing the same problem using three monitor screens. I switch window focus by key commands, but some times I have to go round and back again for the actual focus to take place so I can input code in the pattern editor. Many times I find my self wondering why it’s not recording my presses! There should be a lock enable/disable feature.

I really don’t know why this happens. I am convinced that @taktik is aware of this problem, and if it has not been resolved, it is because it cannot (or has not had time to solve it). Probably, there is a problem when there are 2 separate windows, in order to handle the keyboard commands. I say this because it also happens in the API. There is a mess here. It is not well finished.
Having a single keyboard command for all windows to rotate between them would be enough, at least between the mixer, matrix and pattern editor.

But this does not stop here. With the available API it is not possible to open the lower DSP panel of the track, if the mixer is ​​separated in a window (is a example). When this window exists, the states of each frame change (the indexes should change, or depend on a state, separated / anchored). I guess this problem is also under the hood of Renoise.

There must be a keyboard command available to be able to focus any frame, regardless of the frame focused at any time. And this does not work like this. Each frame has its own independent keyboard commands.

All this is strange, because Renoise has always been characterized by being powerful thanks to the keyboard commands (good workflow). But here is not the case.

There are keyboard shortcuts for rotating between screens. I have set mine to ctrl+ cmd + left/right arrow keys.
To rotate between windows in one screen, as in between pattern editor, instrument box, browserbox, etc, I use Shift + Ctrl + left/right arrows keys,
In order to focus to the
instruments box explicitly, I use Alt + Backspace
Pattern Editor, Alt + Enter
Matrix, Alt + Right Shift
Sequencer, Alt +right Ctrl
Sample editor, Alt + Num 0
Plugin Editor, Alt + Num .(del)
Midi instrmt, Alt + Num Enter
Mixer, Alt + \
Advanced Edit, Alt + ]
and more… (all of them).

I have a very well designed Keymap for Renoise, along with my own Renoise Library file, which is so rewarding and I can always add to it. The keymapping works so well, and is logically put together, I might as well share it here somewhere, and make a video to teach the way to approach key mapping, because it has taken me so long doing it, and eventually it works wonders and is future proof.

I used to use a mechanical keyboard for Renoise, even on my Mac pro, but I then realized that the click-iness of the mechanical keyboard is not better for music production, but most importantly that the original mac keyboard has F1 -F19 (!) keys and one more modifier key, so I re-did all the mappings and now I’m building on the mac keyboard set of keys. Just imagine how many extra shortcuts you can have, by pressing one modifier key, and one F button (out of the 19) . Let alone 2, or 3, or even all, modifier keys (Shift, Ctrl, Alt and Cmd + F1-F19 keys) .

Yesteray, I started a thread about Stream Deck and Metagrid. It is quite relevant to the key mapping…

@cent_gr But have you tried all that with the mixer window separated from the main window? (Do not confuse a window with a frame).

In this scenario, do you have any keyboard commands that jump from the mixer focus to the pattern editor focus directly and viceversa?

I understand that when there are no separate windows (mixer window or / and the instrument editor window), the native keyboard commands to focus the frames respond correctly, but otherwise there are problems.

With the API, there are also problems controlling the focus of the frames with separate windows (mixer, instrument editor).

Finally I will comment on the philosophy of a keyboard command. A keyboard command is a “shortcut.” If this does not give “direct access” to something, this keyboard command stops making sense.

Yes, I am using 3 monitor screens and Alt + D and Alt + F . You’re right I confused the frames with the windows, but you shouldn’t get confused. The keyboard shortcuts are there for you to assign.
If you’re on a mac, I can upload the keymap.xml , which might work to an extend with windows too.

I use Alt + enter to focus the pattern editor and Alt + \ to focus the mixer.

But the problem is there are 2 focuses!
Say, I switch focus to the Sample Editor (in my case, alt + num0), then I press ctrl + N (my shortcut) to normalize the sample (shortcut works because the focus is on the Sample editor, then press ctrl+alt+left arrow to focus the list of samples in the sampled instrument, press Rename shortcut, I rename the sample and so on. When I now switch focus to the pattern editor, the coloured edges move to the pattern editor, BUT the other focus (the window focus I guess) stays in the Sample Editor. So then, one has to use the shortcut to switch windows, a separate shortcut to move between frames and another for windows.
Am I right so far? Doesn’t this happen with all programs when you have multiple screens? you first have to click once to set the focus and then press your shortcuts.

I mean, I find out every day that I’m stupid.

Lock Keyboard Focus is there.


where did you find this keyboard focus option?
although it says it still locks to “pattern editor and other main parts of the interface” which i’m gonna assume includes the mixer, so still gives me the same problem. i want to lock focus to just the pattern editor 100% of the time. i literally never use keyboard shortcuts in any other windows or frame.

keyboard shortcuts are great and all, but pressing alt+enter every time my pattern editor focus is lost is even more cumbersome than just clicking back into my primary display


It should be enough to focus the pattern editor once, as long you don’t:

  • Click anywhere in Renoise with the middle mouse button.
  • Left-click anywhere in Renoise while holding down the “Left Alt” key.
  • Right-click anywhere in Renoise and choose “(Set Keyboard Focus Here)” from the context menu.
  • Use the shortcuts “Left Control/Command + TAB” or “Left Control/Command + Left Shift + TAB” .

No? Sorry, maybe it’s different with the detached mixer…need to try.

yeah, the problem is the “other main parts of the interface” wording in the lock keyboard focus option (which i found under view -> lock keyboard focus)

i don’t want “other main parts” to be focused on a click; i just want the pattern editor :cry:

it seems that the “other main parts” includes the extended pattern matrix, the detachable mixer window, the detachable instrument window, and probably more i haven’t found yet.

Shortcuts differ (for the same action) depending on where the focus is. So, cmd+D could be ‘duplicate’ in the Pattern Editor, and ‘Adjust DC Offset’ in the Sample Editor.
So, If focus were to be locked, keyboard shortcuts would only work for the Pattern Editor. You can do most of the stuff from within the Pattern Editor anyway. Even build the arrangement, cut patterns and join them, switch instruments, edit, Resample, even setting the levels for every track (mixing).

maybe a solution would be just to not focus on detached windows?

so if you switch your primary display to another window like the mixer or sample editor, the classic behavior remains, but clicking into my second monitor into my detached mixer won’t focus on that

Do the middle click instead.

Here are several issues.
What sunnk is asking for is something like a switch to activate, which forces you to use only the keyboard commands of the pattern editor, regardless of where the focus of the frame is. Renoise doesn’t have this.

On the other hand, each focused frame has its own keyboard commands. Therefore, there is no “universal command” that serves to rotate between different frames.

The [SHIFT ESC] command allows you to jump between the pattern editor and the matrix:


I propose that the [SHIFT ESC] command also allows jump to the mixer (or other command):


Ok, I could say, okay, okay, I’m going to create a simple tool for this keyboard command. But the API does not allow to change the focus correctly when the windows of the mixer or instrument editor are separated. There is a problem with the index of the frames. Simply put, the API is outdated.

In summary, to change focus there is no choice but to have a mouse and use it (center button). And you can never always use the specific commands of the pattern editor, regardless of where the focus is, if Renoise does not bring such an update (a switch that blocks it).

**Global:Application:Focus Next window (and previous) **
Global:View:Focus Next View

If you get stuck in some window or frame, using the other shortcut to move, will do it.
There is no problem really.
What we’re asking , is to have the focus wherever the mouse is hovering over (without having to click, or double-click inside anywhere. Which I haven’t seen happening with any app really.

it’s not even to have it where the mouse is hovering, it’s just to be able to optionally always have it on the pattern editor

I don’t know who asks this, but it wouldn’t make much sense. It would even be “dangerous.” As you move the mouse by accident you change the focus.

These types of shortcuts do not allow jumping between windows. It only serves to jump between frames of the same window. Here is the problem.
There is no global keyboard command that allows switching between different frames of different windows. There is also no specific command to switch between the 3 main frames, in case you have the mixer separate.

Actually, this should work with ALT TAB, which is a Windows command to switch between windows. But Renoise, despite having two windows, for Windows only has one.

To do that, an additional checkbox (Lock Pattern Editor Focus) would be needed, so that only the keyboard commands of the pattern editor were used, regardless of where the focus is. Renoise does not have this option.

Anyway, I don’t know to what extent this could be problematic. For example, you could be with the mixer in an overlay window or without a window, maximized, and use the keyboard commands of the pattern editor. They are complicated situations.
But if the user really knows what he is doing, there is no problem.

All you can do is assign a specific keyboard command to focus the pattern editor directly, regardless of any window or focus (Global: Focus / Show Pattern Editor). But you will have to do it whenever you change focus. One more step.

You can use [SHIFT º], which is free, to jumpt inside the pattern editor.
[SHIFT ESC], default assignet to permute between matrix and pattern Editor.
[º] is bellow of [ESC]. Get used to using it this way.

I have no problem jumping between windows using these 2 shortcuts on a 3-monitor-screen setup.
Do you want to me to record a video with my gopro on my head, showing how I can do anything you want just by using the keyboard? If yes, tell me what is the problem and I will try to replicate it. There is no problem focus ing anywhere really. Sometimes one might need to use Focus Next View (Global) if the focus seems stuck.
Anyways, I can get unstuck without the use of the mouse.
The mouse is needed to set the bpm, the routings, and setting track delays.

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