Lock keyboard focus with dual screen setup - bug or feature?

Wondering if i’m doing something wrong, or that this feature is meant this way and i just have to cope with it.

I love the dual screen option on Renoise. Finally it gives us the opportunity to use both screens, as i think a lot of us have in the studio (except for laptop only users maybe)

One thing i can’t get used to though, is the fact that every time I use my 2nd screen working on samples, i first have to click in the pattern editor before i can play or record a pattern,

I’ve checked the options, but haven’t found anyhting that could change this behaviour…

The way I would like it, is that CTRL and spacebar (or ESC for most of yall, I still use FT2 settings, can’t change the habit ;)) always stay connected / focussed on the main screen and have the same purpose / action, no matter in which screen you are. Somehow this feels the way it should be.

I’m running 3.01 for quite some time now, but make the same mistake many times every session. Always forget about the shifted screen focus and have to click in the pattern before proceeding on my track.

Should I just learn to use it this way or do other people have the same as me? Could there be some option to leave certain controls the same, no matter which screen has focus.

edit: I changed the topic to a more suitable name that covers my question better

Found the manual segment about keyboard focus:http://tutorials.renoise.com/wiki/Keyboard_Shortcuts

I think keyboard focus lock doenst work as its supposed to with a dual screen setup.

When lock is on and i click in a window on the 2nd screen, focus shifts automatically to the 2nd screen.

I’d think the lock function is supposed to prevent this?!