Logarithmic Fadeouts

I don’t know if that has been mentioned before but it would be really nice to have a preset logarithmic fadeout on instrument’s envelopes. So you could have, say, a crash cymbal with a note off that causes the volume to fade out logarithmically when a new note is struck. I just think this would be more realistic than using a linear fade or roughly constructed logarithmic fade. Or is this already planned for the new version of Renoise? I just think I remember having read about it before somewhere…

Oops, I actually meant an exponential decay curve. I don’t know what I was thinking there. So yeah, it would be great to be able to set drum sounds (kick, snare, cymbals etc.) to decay exponentially when a new note is struck. Any possibility this could be implemented? In the preset curves perhaps?

Why not construct your own linear envelope that resembles a logarithmic/exponential fadeout? You can save this envelope to a preset of your choice by Right-clicking a preset-number.

Yes, I know that’s possible. Only it wouldn’t be quite accurate enough, but I guess if there isn’t any interest to implement it than I would just have to go with that.

As it works at the moment, the envelopes have sucky resolution anyhow, so I believe this’ll be your best shot. If you keep adding points in between, the envelope over-all shouldn’t be that bad… :unsure:

Yeah, you’re right. I can have point 0 equal to 100%, point 1 to 50%, point 2 to 25%, point 3 to 13% etc., but what about when I double the resolution and make point 2 50%, point 4 25% and so on? How can I calculate what value to put for the in-between points? Isn’t this what’s called an inverse square function? Is there some sort of equation for working out the y coordinates?

what about:
value = 100/(2^(1/resolution))^tick

normal resolution:
value = 100/2^tick

double resolution
value = 100/sqrt(2)^tick

treble resolution
value = 100/(2^(1/3))^tick

It’s monday in the morning so I could be wrong, but this looks like something which works :wacko:

Cheers for that, It-Alien! That totally does the trick, but it really made me realise how bad the resolution of the envelopes actually are. When you look at the resulting waveform you can actually see the amplitude decreasing in steps, and it just doesn’t quite sound right. Time to upgrade the envelopes to have ms on the x-axis perhaps, and actually able to construct free-form curves with a much higher resolution? Or is this already planned in future versions?

I’m gonna bring this topic up again because I’m still having a lot of trouble working with exponential fade-outs on instrument envelopes. I don’t mean that I have trouble creating them (it’s tedious, but possible), but I can clearly hear the discrete volume steps in the output once I’ve made them.

That’s why I want to bring up the issue of converting the instrument and panning envelopes to much more accurate ones as in the ones used in applications like Native Instrument’s FM7 again. It’d be an absolute dream-come-true if I could add in an exponential decay curve with the click of a button and drag it around to set it’s decay time, or even just add in a couple of seconds of volume before it. The x-axis should have a display in milliseconds, and the y-axis a percentage of volume. And most important of all, you shouldn’t be able to hear the volume dropping down from 2% to 1%. Does any agree with me on this, or am I the only one? :unsure:

I’m currently having to render practically every note in my patterns out to Sound Forge so I can add those beautiful, natural exponential fade-in or fade-outs in which there’s no sign of those aweful volume steps. I really think you should be able to do a simple thing like that all in the one application, so devs…please? Or is it perhaps already on the future feature list? :)

It has been discussed a number of times before. I support this 100%!

I think it goes hand in hand with the planned increase of pattern resolution (to get rid of the tick based timing that is). So hopefully, some time in the future… :)

Nice. :) I hope it won’t be too far away.

I think fixing the volume resolution problem you hear in the envelopes would mean an increase in the current $80 steps possible in the patterns too, which’d be great as well.

Oh well, gotta wait what’s in store for Renoise 1.5 first I guess and see after that.

This is way better in 1.5. :)