Logic: inconsistent phrase playback, sample auditioning behaviour

Hello forum. Any other LogicX/redux au users experiencing this; For some reason i have to start and stop the logic transport in order for redux to playback a phrase or sample, ie by pressing space to playback a phrase, or return for a sample. I have to start and stop logic via the transport, then redux works as it should and i can audition etc. The problem returns if i focus on another plugin for a while and come back to redux, then have to start and stop the transport again. Not a major issue but annoying. Am i just being a noob? Ive run redux in renoise and i dont get the same issue, so im presuming it must be a logic thing. I dont have any other DAWs to test it on.This is a potential bug I suppose but ill post here first before i make a tit of myself in the bug section. Im running Logic10.1.1.


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I am having the exact same issues.

So glad I found your post!

Have you solved it?

This is what is keeping me from buying redux. (I trying the demo version)

Hope we can fix this!

I’m not very familiar withLogic10. Does it have some kind of “automatic suspending” of plugins when they are not used for a while? This could explain it. If it has, there maybe also is a way to disable it for specific plugins?

I have never heard of"automatic suspending" in logic, nor am I able to find such a setting within the program.