Logic of Low

A silly little track that reflects my mood about spring’s arrival!!! :D/> Thanks for listening and/or giving feedback.


Certainly an interesting hybrid of sounds! Your big paddy synths and 8-bit bleeps sounds great. I would say the high end is pushed a bit too much, sounds a little harsh at times for my ears.

Thanks for the feedback midi. I will try to keep that high-end in check. Sometimes I get a little too into the crispier range of the spectrum :rolleyes:

Good work, the arrangement sounds very pro to me. It is pleasant listening to.

Many thanks for the positive feedback Loolarge!

This is awesome! I love that it has a calm tempo but still plenty of energy and elation packed into it. :walkman:

Thanks Zeta. Listened to some of your stuff and enjoy your synth-work…esp. “Phychedelia” Lot of great music coming out of Atlanta too these days. :walkman:

Nice usage of renoise, interesting details.

What comes to arragement, I was hoping a new part with new melody or new chord progression or something. All I got was the same melody in higher octave :(

Too much “same” to my taste, if you don’t count the glitchy things in the background, which brings some variation.

I agree. The structure is generally repetative with incremental builds and releases. I am always striving to add more melodic variation so I definitly appreciate this feedback. At the same time, I have to acknowledge that some of my favorite songs have little melodic variation.
It is certainly an element that is worth working on. Thanks again for listening and for the thoughtful comments 74hz.

I like the lead and the beats. :)

Thanks Alien7!