Logic "studio"

i own a copy of logic 7 and consider it a piece of professional software. I have “obtained” a version of logic 8 and am disgusted by it. I love macs and used to love logic, but the release of logic 8 makes me wana format my HD and run gentoo again. Logic is 8 is shit for the following reasons:

  1. apple are actively encouraging people to pirate it, to increase apple computer sales, by replacing the most successful anti-piracy device the world has ever seen with a serial number. it is now on every main torrent site.

  2. the interface has become babyish and unprofessional

  3. the whole point of logic has gone from pro composer/electronic composer to amateur beat-making using loops and pre-done drag and drop, 1 2 3 your tune is finished for you, i don’t actually know how to do it for myself bullshit

  4. the logo is shit

  5. the new appearance of the old plugins is not eye-friendly and it looks like the only reason they have done this is to change something to hide the fact there are no new good plugins.

  6. all the bundled stuff is bullshit apart from compressor (which is actually the only good thing)

why is logic now a piece of crap?

either way im 100% renoise now :yeah: - and im going to use open source alternatives for audio recording.

is any1 else on the planet disgusted with logic 8? everyone seems to think its amazing (why??)

i don’t know man, but I’ve been on logic since 4 and haven’t had problems that others report. I just don’t install the apple loops library and that’s it for premade garbage. Just a blank page. I use it in a pro capacity for work and school as well as for alot of processing and love it. I’m mainly on renoise, but for real time recording of midi and audio period I have to move out of renoise. I like programing with renoise, but for multi track recording and scoring, i jump into logic and live. I don’t think I could program beats in logic it would just be to slow after the work flow of renoise.

dude, dont get me wrong, i love logic, iv been using logic since 4 too (when they had the big square black usb dongle!), i just think logic 8 (the one that has just been release) is a pile of crap.