Lola And Leon

Pretty amazing stuff :blink: , well worth checking!

Vocaloid demos


will that lead to 5 zillion tunes having vocals by the same singers over and over again? i’m already scared.

and those demos don’t really impress me at all. sounds way too much sythesized for sounding real human, and way too less robotic for sounding cool.

the demos are great … vocaloid too … but who needs it really? :D

not all things of life should be virtual … and Leon/Lola can’t write autographs

I think they are good for backing vocals… As lead vocals they sound too much fake, even although they could be used to make vocal lines for a pre-listening session, before recording with a real singer…

I agree Mekkah.

They sound good in the background, but as lead singers, they give themselves away too easily.

I heard this uhm, demo, Ave Maria or something. The vocals are just horrible, and I think I could tell they’d been using flanger to make it sound more alive… Didn’t do it for me though.

the Little Bird demo though is a great example of how this program can do itself justice.


Edit: Little Bird (Demo)

uhh! i seem not to have listened to that little bird demo before… i just clicked on your link and was amazed! how real it sounds!
then i read the main vocal line was not sung by a vocaloid, but a humanoid. :)
still, the backing stuff sounds ok. i probably have to agree with you guys aboutit’s usefulnes with backing vocals.
though, after looking at that vocaloid editor pic, i think it would be much more fun to rape that thing and use it in weird ways, not trying to produce human vocals at all :)

Raping software is fun fun, this could deserve a good misuse indeed!

Could be nice for laying down ideas, but maybe a bit more struggle than just singing the damn thing yourself I guess… :rolleyes:

Heh, Yeah, Should’ve mentioned that, my bad :unsure:

i never make a vocal line with an instrument … i simply create it on sing by myself … or i imagine the vocals within my brain … i think vocaloid is a little bit hard to program and “analog” methodes of vocal line creation (simply singing) is more faster than “coding” the vocals … but you are right maybe for backing stuff.

I agree on the point that vocaloid is in its current stage only really useful for backing vocals, in professional point of view. But when you need to test your ideas, vocal articulation and melody, it could be very useful. AND, imagine when your favourite singer gets vocaloided, you can then use him/her in your tracks. Dont think that the voices are going to get worse from now on… I bet soon you cant tell the difference.

atleast it’s a progress in the text to speech (singing) department, blind people may like this eventually instead of them robotic sounding read programs…

dunno if i would really call it a progress in that department, after all it needs lots of hand-programming, so it’s nuthing especially great i think. maybe a lot of work to record the vocal fonts. still speech synthesis will always sound lifeless and robotic as long as the software doesnt understand the text.

Well, it said in the first webpage I mentioned, that making vocaloid tracks is easy and fast… well, I don’t believe 'till I’ve tried though :)

no it sure looks very cumbersome