Londoners Here? Fellow Ravers??

Most of you guys know me with my producer hat on, however, it all started with the love of dance!

Any guys into electro house, dubstep, dnb, or minimal techno or close equivalents that go out partying in london?

From nyc and been here for a few, just decided its time to develop my circle of friends as finally ended my LTR.

Lemme know, Peace.

I run a sound system and do the occasional free party around London (which is where I’m based) and occasionally further afield. Not sure if that would be something that interests you or you’re more into your clubs…

Not a very good pic but I don’t have many really…

(Hopefully you don’t need to be friends to view but let me know if you do.)

cheers m8 for response!

U mean view the pic? I c it fine!

I dig clubs but more intimate venues and I usually frequent east london clubs when I go, but soundsystem parties are the best!!

Where in london r u?

Live in Seven Sister. Do a few parties in East, well that kind of area most often when we’re out. Should be some coming up around Hackney Marshes during the good weather over the summer. Last one was the old SeOne club, been done three weekends in a row now but we were only there the first time. Not sure if the guys are still in there now…

Can PM you some partylines if you want. Since Scumoween last year things have been quite on top though (as far as being shutdown is concerned.) And some of the more well known systems parties can be a bit full of the scum you would prefer avoid if you can…

cheers thx so much for info…yeah pm, email whatever, lets stay in contact…you arent too far from from me i dont think. I live in east ham!

free parties rule haha, would love it to visit a uk-style soundsystem event !

All about the outdoor European Teknivals over summer mate! ;)

Hope I make it out for at least something this year, missed FrenchTek (although legal see some of the systems there! Especially the UK links) the other week and last year was first time I hadn’t made it out at all since the busted CzTek05 (actually think I did France 05 too, was that the killa ketapilla year?)

Photos one of my mates took of some of the UK rigs at FrenchTek this year :D


wicked pics m8!!! :yeah:

Yeah gutted I couldn’t make it this year but still did a good party/had a good weekend.

FrenchTek often has the biggest stacks as it’s normally legal, thus people don’t have to be worried about having their systems seized so happy take their pro rig, rather than just maybe a B rig. Although the police seem to generally only give that much stress to people from the country you are in…

End of May bank holiday is classically a big weekend in the UK so expect there should be something large going on. No idea where though but there’s usually a big outdoor things as well as a scummy London do. Hoping to make it out into the sticks personally ;)

Crusties in a field - brings back memories!

Sadly/gladly not in London since '95…but have trudged about many a-field :)

Quite a lot of those boxes live in the SW mate ;)

you mean police would give a hard time to say…britons if the event is in the uk…italians if in italy etc?

Yeah. EG last year FrenchTek was illegal as they didn’t like the site the police had chosen for them and decided to go their own route. On leave around 35 trucks and sound systems were seized by police. Every single one French. Not a single foreign-to-the-country system was seized and basically having foreign plates on your van and likely they would just wave you through (well after breathalysing at least.)

ahhh ok cheers for explanation as not uber-familiar familar with soundsystem culture :walkman:

Not directly related to this thread but I thought I’d point you to one of my friend’s Soundcloud account as I reckon you’d like his stuff from what I’ve heard of you.

Need to sort out doing a party with his crew again at some point really…

Wicked, cheers man…will defo check out wen i gots more bandwidthzzzzz!!! next week probzzz! :walkman:

i’m really happy to find out, that there are other people too on this forums interested/connected in/to the soundsysystem-culture! i was on (or, to be correct: i tried to attend) czechtek 05 too. luckily we went back home before the police-raid!! frenchTek was also quite nice, but if someone is locking for something a little bit smaller, and a little bit more ‘cosy’, i can really recomend the bulgarian teknival!. great vibe and usually great location. 2 (or maybe 3) years ago it was directly on the coast! there is probably nothing better than a teknival on the beach

Yay for soundsystems!! - this is the one I’m involved with (Aarhus/DK)

Yeah I went about then… Actually 3-4 years ago can’t quite work it out now. Anyway friends I was with had been to most of them, a few had bought places out there, and that location on the beach had apparently been used 6 out of the last 7 years according to them and our Bulgarian friends. ;) (Should be able to find the place on the map if I try, fair bit south of Burgas, the odd year out was still quite near the coast north of Varna. Lovely place Bulgaria, ended up spending about 6 weeks there total :)