Londoners Here? Fellow Ravers??

Beach between Kiten and Lozenets if memory serves. Strangely under a random square of wispy cloud on Google Maps.

Do you know the Jigsore crew?

I am just starting to get involved in a sound-system in Bristol called Neverlution, we do club nights mostly at the Black Swan and Lakota. Looks like we’ll be taking it to Boom Town Fair as well now :D

Not so well although chatted a few times. Know the Armada lot who do stuff with them a lot better.

Don’t know Armada, are they Bristol based?

Mostly originally from Kent but moved Bristol way a few years ago and do quite a lot of links with Retox and Jigsaw crews.

You’ve got DMT and Irritant/Punishment that way too :)

See you’re doing something with the Jungle Syndicate crew in Lakota soon. They seem a safe bunch when I’ve chatted with them. Good to have somebody doing decent jungle (plus bits of hard dnb and breakcore )with no fucking irritating MCs! Nice one :)

Hey Kazakore, did you have anything to do with that party in sussex a few weeks back? looked like a good time. Maybe a renoise night out in london could be fun.

Did one in Sussex (Brighton) not long ago, top of the hill behind the university, in my new army tent. That the one you mean? Sure there has been plenty in Sussex over the last few months/weeks.

Renoise meet could be arranged. Probably have space for it if I sorted out my flat a bit…

EDIT: Really not my taste of music but shows off the tent and stuff in better light than the other video.

Hopefully you can see that without being Apparition’s friend.

Ah, I meant one near midhurst, I think.
Possibly called eggtek, just happened to be near me.
But yeah, nice tent.
Wouldn’t mind checking out a few parties again, although I can’t say i’m the biggest fan of hard techno / trance stuff.

Ahh EggTek, Easter, was working unfortunately but the lads we’re linked up with in that tent were there (and last year too.) ;)

Cheers man, yeah we’re doing a link up in the main room. It’s with the Bristol JS faction, only met the London boys at Bangface this year. Good guys who are really fucking committed to the scene. Puts what we do to shame haha.

Edit: Also if anyone is looking to play jungle in Bristol then PM me your mixes and I will pass them forward to anyone I know.