Long Awaited E-mu Driver Update Available

new drivers are available … and the long awaited PowerFX > an VST plug for the hardware dsp-fx of the e-mu cards …

BUT the sad thing is:

PowerFX is not usable in Renoise coz of the big latency of the PowerFX … with 500ms latency the PowerFX output is interrupted (stutters) in Renoise (but without any crash - it’s stable) …

in all applications with vst-latency compensation it works great!!!

please please dev team: i hope the next releases Renoise features auto-latency compansation or a manual one …

…uhm…i was gonna say > WOOOOOOOT !!! …

although i havent tried it yet…(system crash, w8ing for new parts)…
i am dissapointed reading here it WONT work in Renoise!!!>??.. … :o

aahhh man… really?

i thought the 0404 card took the latency deal on itself…not the program of choice…
but ofcoz i could be really off… hmmm…

probably monday i will have my crashed system up again (with 0404)…and i will
be sooooo not happy if it really doesnt work… hummm… :(

so…yes!! PLZ…PLZ!! …make Renoise latency-compensation ready! (although i love it!!..Renoise that is… …aaaah…so a minor… :lol: …will still do…)


see… i found this… quote:

'According to this press release, the Emu dsp FX can now be used as fully-featured VST plugins with automation, saving of parameters and latency compensation (or they will be in early August):



MLON … 2 hours of totally reinstalling of the e-mu driver (again and again) are behind me … i noticed some problems of the asio-channel stuff (renoise worked only in limited to stero outs stuff) but now i think i know what was wrong … Renoise don’t likes patchMix asio channels linked/prepared for external inputs and so i got a NO ASIO error in Renoise … sounds complicated - but it’s not … simple i must delete the “send to asio channel xyz”-inserts …

no i will try it again to get the powerFX working but i think coz of the missing asio 2.0 feature “delayed asio output” (latency compensation) we must wait for a better asio support in Renoise …

other users reported a latency of the powerFX of 150ms … my value (500ms) is only calculated by another asio-app … that shows this overall latency …

well … but the host app must support latency compensation too!

i tested it again … stuttering sound on powerFX use … a sad thing … hey DEVs is it so hard to implement the asio output delay feature the E-MU manual says:

E-MU PowerFX incorporate smart time alignment technology which automatically
compensates for system latencies and ensures proper synchronization of audio
throughout the VST chain (if the host application supports this feature).

Delay Compensation
If you are using Cubase VST 5.1, you will have to insert an E-Delay Compensator into
any other audio tracks to keep them time-aligned.
8. Simply insert an E-Delay Compensator plug-in into the same insert location you
used for E-MU PowerFX on any other audio tracks. That’s it.

-------------- but the e-mu delay compensation VST won’t work in Renoise … audio is muted if i add the plug to a Renoise track and so on …

You could use TC Compensator plugin (works without Powercore) to delay audio tracks.

Automatic latency compensation is a great feature that should be a part of Renoise. It’s needed for native plugins as well (Waves, FFT plugins).

THANX for the tip - i will try it… is it for free???

ok the driver download is for free but the compensator works not without the tcworks system software … or works not at all

I don’t think it’s free but it shouldn’t be a big deal to use it outside of poco. TC sells fx plugins not fx compensator after all ;)

hey Alexander…any updates on this?
Devs?..maybe…possible…near…future… … .



no … :( … the E-MU devs are slow …

but have you already tryed my PatchMix DSP skin: :)

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